U-Pick Varieties


Sweet, juicy and tender.  Great for fresh eating and baking.  Available: Mid-September


Sweet, yet tart.  Great for fresh eating.  

Available:  Early October


Very sweet and juicy.  Excellent for fresh eating.  Stores very well.  Available: Late October


Sweet, juicy and crisp.  Great for fresh eating.  Available: Early September

Golden Delicious

Mild, sweet and juicy.  Great for fresh eating and baking.  Available Mid-October

Ginger Gold

Sweet and mildly tart.  great for baking and making apple sauce.  Available:  Late August.


Sweet, tart and crisp.  Available:  Mid-September

Ida Red

Juicy, tart, and firm.  Excellent for baking.  Stores very well.  Available Mid-October


Form and sweet.  Great early apple.  Good for fresh eating.  Available:  Early September


Sweet and firm.  Great for fresh eating or baking.  Available:  Late September


Sweet and tangy.  Great for fresh eating.  Available:  Early September

Northern Spy

Tart.  Excellent for baking and cider making.  Available: Early October

Mutsu (Crispin)

Sweet and juicy.  Great for baking.  Stores very well.  Available:  Early October.

Red Delicious

Sweet, juicy and crisp.  Available:  Early October

Ruby Frost

Sweet, while tart ad crisp.  Store well.  Available: Late October


Extra sweet and juicy.  MONSTER CRUNCH!  Available:  Late September


Crisp and juicy.  Great early apple.  

Available:  Late August

Bartlett Pear, Bosc Pear, Seckel Pear

We grow three varieties of pears for u-pick.  All three varieties are sweet and great for fresh eating and baking.  Available:  Bartlett:  Late August, Bosc and Seckel:  Early October

Sweet and Sour Cherries

We grow several varieties 

of sweet and sour cherries for u-pick.  

Available:  Early-Mid July


We grow several varieties 

of purple and yellow plums.  

Available:  Late August